British Students’ hunger for digital learning may help close the skills gap

A recent survey by BIMA, the UK’s digital and tech trade body, shows that British students’ hunger for digital learning is at an all-time high. 

The Digital Day survey, by Opinium, was designed to help BIMA understand the views of students towards careers within the digital industry, including how attractive the industry appears to them and reasons for their choices. Opinium asked more than 1,200 students aged 10-19 for their thoughts.

These results are good news for industries trying to bridge the digital skills gap that has resulted as a result of rapid digitalisation and the application of emerging technologies.

BIMA’s findings show that students want to learn more digital skills, including coding (54%). 80% of students say they would be interested in a career in the digital industry.  

The research will be used to help BIMA better understand how students feel about the industry, the classes, and skills that schools could be providing, and how best to appeal to students in the future.

The survey results show that BIMA members are clearly making a dent in addressing the nation’s digital skills shortage, but more can be done. Ensuring that working in the digital industry is an option for each and every student in the country remains BIMA’s end goal.

Matt Sullivan, BIMA’s MD, adds: “It is clear from these results that students have an interest in learning digital skills as well as their awareness of careers in digital.  It remains up to us in the sector to work with schools and local authorities to ensure more opportunities are made available to students as the survey shows there is a hunger for more.”

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