The big question about whether the IT channel is open to adopting more eco-friendly processes has been analysed in Agilitas IT Solutions’ ‘CONNECT for A Sustainable Future’ Report.

Agilitas surveyed 250 channel leaders working in UK-headquartered businesses, with an annual turnover of over £5million. It revealed that 84% of the UK IT Channel Leaders involved are optimistic about adopting more eco-friendly processes throughout their supply chains now and in the future.

This research comes at a pivotal moment as the IT Channel looks towards a post Covid-future and discusses how changing business models and expanding propositions can help channel firms survive and thrive. But does working towards a more sustainable future fit into this period of transformation in the IT Channel?

The Agilitas report revealed that sustainability is directly linked to building resilience amongst IT Channel leaders. When asked to identify which areas of their organisation they are implementing change in order to build resilience, 45% of respondents stated they had already begun driving their sustainability and circular economy efforts, with a further 40% committed to introducing them in the future. 

Only 3% of those surveyed did not believe that IT channel businesses would be making efforts to improve their current strategies in the next 12 months.

Agilitas found that ‘born in the cloud’ providers were the most likely to invest in improving their sustainability credentials in the coming months (41%), followed by distributors (40%) and security firms (38%).

Surprisingly, the report found that smaller, more agile companies are mobilising sustainability initiatives the fastest, with 71% estimating between up to three months and a year. Meanwhile, industry giants staffing 250-500 employees (59%) forecasting it taking between up to three months and a year due to the size and complexity of their organisations.

Shaun Lynn, CEO of Agilitas, commented on the report’s findings:

“The implications of humans and technology are having a profound impact on the environment and planet – and now is the time for action. Our findings show that the IT Channel is responding to this necessary shift to build a greener future for the sector and across the world. From eco-friendly supply chain processes to building a culture of sustainability through workforce initiatives, IT Channel organisations must find ways to reduce waste and build a circular economy that maximises resources with efficiency and longevity. The optimism shown by channel firms leaders in their ability to make change rapidly is a huge vote of confidence for our industry, as sustainability becomes firmly ingrained in business strategies of the future.”

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